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Yea yea, not in the Challenger.. but worth a look:
Wed night $500 Gamblers race at Englishtown..
Lots of heavy hitters in this weekly event...

Lost in Semi Finals to Al Vanis NHRA National Champ.. Check out the slip.. We BOTH cut IDENTICAL lights, BOTH ran under (broke out) me by .006, Al by .004 so he wins! Funny thing is before the run I was thinking about dialing 11.45 (would have ran spot on & won) but since he was leaving first (slower car), I didn't want to give him any more of a starting line advantage since my last run was 11.47, so I dialed .01 down to 11.46.. Oh well, got some good seat time and some $$ to boot!

Yes sir, that there was a good drag race...
Nice Job!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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