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I currently have a 2011 SXT and its great and all, but I'm hoping to upgrade to a 09-2010 SRT or 2011 R/T this summer, perhaps if money and car is right a 2011 SRT. However, I CF vinyl laying around from previous projects and want to CF wrap some interior panels (console plate, radio bezel, etc.) but don't want to waste my expensive vinyl only to give it up in a few months, but I'm inpatient and am getting tired of wondering and waiting.

Now, i have no real reason to assume they won't be a direct swap but you never know.

Will the centre console plate (the one that goes around the cup holders and shifter trim, and will the radio/ac control trim swap from car to car. I don't have a touch screen currently, and would be hoping to get one. So i figured it would also be a iffy swap.

I have a buddy in town with a 2010 SRT but don't really want to peel up panels of his car just to see so id figure id ask here first if anyone knew.

I'd imagine they would be as the interior changes have been minimal over the years.
I did plasti-dip but it peeled after a while and figured a more realistic darker CF would look cooler.

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