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doesanyone know where the ipod hookup, hooks up? found the cable in the glove box but havent ever used it

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The plug is in the center console. Just open the cover and plug in the cable.

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Here's a better explaination in case you can't find it.
IPOD Integration cable goes where?

Q: The owner's manual says plug it in the center console but I do not see any outlet. Where is it?
A: The cable does go in to the center console, open the center console look in the front of it just beneath the coin holders and
to the driver's side you should see a receptacle it will be under a plastic cover. One will be a round cover to protect the 12V
Power Port and on the same forward bulkhead will be a rectangular cover toward the driver side for the UCI port.

Q: I don't see any other plug in my console other than the 12V Power Port plug?
A: You must have the UCI option (part of the Electronic Options Pkg) to have this port option feature. You will also be provided
16-pin interface connector cable to attach the iPOD unit as part of this option.

NOTE: 2009 Challenger Owner's Manual



NOTE: This section is for sales code RES and REQ/REL/RET radios only with uconnect_. For sales code RER, REN and REZ
touch-screen radio UCI feature, refer to the separate RER, REN or REZ User’s Manual. UCI is available only if equipped as an
option with these radios. This feature allows you to plug an iPod
_ into the vehicle’s sound system through a 16–pin connector
using the provided interface cable.

UCI supports Mini, 4G, Photo, Nano, 5G iPod_ and iPhone_ devices. Some iPod_ software versions may not fully support
the UCI features. Please visit Apple’s website for software updates.

If the radio has a USB port, connecting an iPod_ to this port does not play the media. For playing an iPod_, use the separate
16–pin connector port located in the center console.

Connecting an iPod_ to the AUX port located in the radio faceplate, plays media, but does not use the UCI feature to control the connected device.

Connecting The iPod_
Use the optional connection cable to connect an iPod_ to the vehicle’s 16–pin connector port located on the center console.
Once the iPod
_ is connected and synchronized to the vehicle’s UCI system (iPod_ may take a few seconds to connect), the iPod_ starts
charging and is ready for use by pressing radio switches, as described below.

You may have to remove the connector pin protection cap from the 16–pin connector port, prior to connecting the cable.

If the iPod_ battery is completely discharged, it may not communicate with the UCI system until a minimum charge is attained.
Leaving the iPod
_ connected to the UCI system may charge it to the required level.
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