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Is push button start only available on SRT's?

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Can you get it on an RT? I'm going to price out a 2011 RT today and the 2011 brochure is horrible, very little info in there. The salesmen really don't seem to know about their product, so sometimes its hard to get a straight answer from them. Thanks
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I just bought my 2011 R/T classic and it has the push start button. I'm not sure if its standard on all 2011s though.

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It appears that the base R/T has the Keyless Entry (which is on all 2011s), but not Keyless Go push-button start.

The Keyless Go is part of the 2011 R/T Plus, R/T Classic and SRT - which have the Electronics Convenience Group bundle.

In the earlier years '09-'10 Keyless Go was available (extra cost) on R/T models if you had the Elect Conv Group option, which was standard on SRT8 models.

It could be added, but it will require different WIN nodes, key fobs, programming.

Its cheaper to get a car already built with that rather than paying for a field installation after the fact.
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