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Hi everyone - new to this thread/forum. Hoping I came to the right place. Having some issues and am looking for some advice.

I bought a brand new 2013 Challenger R/T Plum Crazy Purple on 10/5/13. After getting it home I started noticing small things that shouldn't be the way they are. I immediately made contact with my selling dealer to let them know. After finally hearing back from my sales rep, he pointed me in the direction I first needed to go. Here is my list of what I found "wrong"...
(1) Passenger side tailpipe/tip hung down further than the driver's side and was not straight.
(2) Hood was not aligned properly, there is a larger gap on the passenger's side than the driver's side.
(3) Driver's side fender does not align with the front fasica/bumper cover and bumper cover bows out.
(4) Driver's side headlamp assembly is not positioned correctly behind the black bezel.
(5) Trunk lid is not aligned properly, the body lines do not line up, it's like the trunk is pushed up closer to the rear window than the passenger side, and the black plastic bezel on the underside of the lid above the taillights hangs down on the passenger's side.
(6) When driving down the road the vehicle pulls to the right and the steering will is not straight
(7) The driver's seat track moves front/back, side/side, up/down when accelerating and braking. I can push on the steering wheel and the track moves. There is a TSB on this issue.
(8) The passenger A pillar inside had a gouge in it.
(9) Lastly - this was my biggest issue... the front fascia/bumper cover did not line up to the hood, it was actually raised in the area above the drivers side headlamp like it was warped/dented from the inside up.

Finally after some communication back and forth with my sales rep, I made an appointment with service to have these issues addressed. I took my vehicle in on the first Saturday in November. Upon explaining to the service advisor what was wrong, I found that he never even got out of his seat to come out and look at exactly what I was talking about. They put me in a loaner vehicle (that was filthy and had the check engine light on) and sent me on my way. They had my vehicle until the following Thursday, in which time the only things they addressed were the tail pipe, the A pillar, and the car pulling to the right. When I questioned why none of the body issues were addressed I was told that the service managers and the body shop manager looked them over and found that they were within "factory spec". I contacted the body shop manager myself who told me that he had no information and didn't know what was going on, that the car was never released to him. I got frustrated and contacted Chrysler/Dodge corporation. They opened a case number and attempted to contact the dealership and service department directly. After several phone calls they finally talked to someone, who adamantly refused to do any of the body work stating that it was "within spec". Corporate suggested that I go pick up my vehicle and take to another dealer to have digital images taken of my concerned areas so that they may determine the correct solution. I picked my challenger up after hours and inspected it on site. I found that besides not doing any of the work I wanted, they had also gouged my drivers side quarter panel, and put a burn mark and scratches in the front bumper cover and fender. I addressed these immediately with my sales rep. After leaving the dealership, I noticed that the car still pulled to the right, but they stated that it was a tire pressure issue and that they regulated the pressures in all the tires to fix this. They aren't fooling anyone, I'm a master auto technician. No where on the workorder did they mention test driving the vehicle but it had 14 more miles on it than when I dropped it off, and the work order did not reflect this stating it had the same mileage out as it did when I dropped it off. They never addressed the seat track issue even after I mentioned the TSB on it and told me it was normal operation.

I made an appointment to go into another local certified dealer for the next day. Upon arriving the body shop manager came out to take photographs. He took one look at the front fascia/bumper and immediately said that it wasn't right, after opening the hood he found out that the fascia/bumper itself was actually cracked and separating and stated it needed to be replaced. Keep in mind though that the other dealer stated that it was in spec... how is that possible when its cracked and separating. He had no problem with any of the other issues and said that they would be no problem to adjust/repair. Since then he has submitted the photos to Chrysler/Dodge corporate and the battles have dragged on. He has spent time back and forth with corporate with no resolve. Corporate is coming back to him with the response on the front fascia/bumper of "remove and repair and then reinstall". They want to repair the front fascia with epoxy, EPOXY, on a brand new $41,000 car. This is unacceptable. I have many calls into corporate back and forth myself and the people I am speaking with are telling me that they can not override the decision made by digital imaging. My vehicle has less than 1500 miles on it, I have had it a little over 30 days. It is under warranty, why can I not get this resolved. They are basically telling me that my back is up against a wall.

The current dealership is willing to work with me to address the other issues with the vehicle mentioned above but is stating that their hands are tied in regards to replacing the front bumper.

Does anyone have any suggestions on who, where, what I can do??? Before I call my lawyer, go to the media, and whatever else negative I have to do, I would prefer to just have it replaced. I'm only asking for the bumper to be replaced per the body shop managers recommendation.

Any help???
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