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It's on. Life imitates art.

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When the Challenger was introduced, I loved this commercial. I always said that if I ever got one, I'd be the guy in the old Challenger.

Well, tonight it happened, only it was me in my new Challenger and a young kid in a Grand Prix.
He pulled out onto the highway, I was right behind him. He was accelerating at a pretty slow rate so, I went to the left lane and passed. I quickly realized that he matched speed with me. As luck would have it, the next light turned red and we had to stop, me in the left lane, him in the right.

The light changes and I roll out at a nice steady pace and he's matching me. I'm not biting. I didn't buy the car to street race.

He floors it and pulls away, just like in that commercial. I moved over in the right lane and smiled.

I love this car.
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I went to pass a car the other day,just so I could make room for myself . He's in an Audi S4 and nails it, I kept up for a bit and then backed down, dont race the thing and dont need the ticket. I will say the Audi had very nice acceleration.

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even though my 2010R/T is quick my 70 T/A will still blow the doors off the 2010
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