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Wow i cant believe how bright and good they look with out the HID amplifier. How was the install? Im about to purchase the Halos... Whats the differnece between CCFL and SMD

The pics are just with the halos lit, no headlights or foglights are on.

I had AAC install them in the headlight/fog light assemblies. I had to drop the bumper to remove and install the headlight assemblies. Takes a little time but not hard.

CCFL are cold cathode fluorescent light. They are curved fluorescent tubes. They can break but give a solid light.

SMD are surface mounted LED lights. They can be very bright, they last a long time, if one burns out you're out of luck, one LED can't be replaced. They also give a dotted light up close and in daylight.

Both styles look good. So pick the one that will work for you.
1 - 5 of 53 Posts
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