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Well its been a few weeks sense I have been here but in the training enviroment I am in, here in the Navy, and cell phones, computers, and whatnot is not allowed........... :p..........anywhay, how goes it my little gear heads?

Things have been good here in RI (although cold as all get out) and my beloved car has sat outside for 4 weeks now (don't crucify me). I have been working on a few things while here though.

Some of you know I have been working on a crazy idea for my challenger and I have kept it out of the posts for all the common reasons. But I can tell you what I have been working on can be done now and now its just a matter of cost to bennifits ratio.................. The concideration is to have a Gen II 426 (bored over to a 590) with an EFI conversion and fly by cable installed in my challenger. EST H.P. at 830 NA (all the research is done and it is possible and will fit). Obviously if we work out the details in the $$$ department, it will no longer be my daily driver.

Anyway, got to sign off again Ill check in, in a few weeks. If you want to email me while I am still in training for the next 9 weeks my gmail is the same as my SN here.

Take care mopar monkeys

- Steve
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