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Greetings my CT friends,

just stopping in for a quick update and to hello.

I have missed all the SC vs. SC talk I must say ;) and have even fallen a bit off the updated of whats new in the challenger world sadly enough. However, things have been good. For those of you who are not new you may remember I re joined the Navy and am now a Chaplain in the Navy serving on the USS Mobile Bay in San Diego. I have been through 6 months of officer, chaplain, and field schools and am now preparing for a deployment to the Gulf.

I would love to hear from y'all while I am deployed so feel free to email me as deployment and lack of a lot of contact from the outside world can be a bit discouraging. I know you not supposed to post email address here in general treads but concidering the cercumstances I am hopeful the MODS will overlook this chaplains small infraction. my email while afloat and at sea is:

[email protected]

take care all and I look forward to getting back in the challenger swing when I get back with my tax free money and start new MODS :D

Till next time
Steve "Chaps" Walker
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