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I contacted the folks at tranZformer about the product they sale for the nag1 transmissions
(shift kit)
for a 2013 sxt 3.6 challenger, they said it should work on the 2013 models and I asked if
there product would allow me to change shift points.

They told me I would have to get a diablo tuner and have the auto upshifts removed, then
I could program the tranZformer to raise my shift points.

Do you folks offer a tuner that removes the auto up shifts yet, I know you have something
for the 2011 and 2012's, do these allow change for up shift.

I need something to give me control of my shift points, this is horrible, I can't shift my
car where I need to shift. with h-pipe and a solo cat back and heavily ported intake
and opened up TB and free flowing cai kit, I have killed the low end torque of this
3.6 but sure runs harder on top end, shifts way to soon to see the benefits of the upgrades.

I'm getting some blue tops and tranZformer and fti 3600 stall, I need something
to allow me to spin this engine up, shifting about 6400 rpms now, need to get it up to around
6800 or so, only track will say what rpm it needs to shift at.

What do you have to help me out?
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