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These coilovers work with all engine configurations V6 and V8, Fits all LX and LY platforms

Kontrol Pro Damper System
Ksport Kontrol Pro Fully Adjustable Coilover Kits provide the ultimate in suspension technology for your street or track car. 36 levels of dampening adjustment allow you to fine tune the ride to your handling and comfort needs. The dampening adjusts compression and rebound simultaneously for ease of adjustment. Pillow ball top mounts in the front and rear on some applications allow you to maintain vehicle manufacturer suspension geometry design. The pillow ball top mounts also allow you a more direct feel for solid driver response. Camber adjustability is included on pillow ball top mounts that allow it for the ability to adjust camber from the actual coilover, instead of a separate camber kit.

Most applications utilize an adjustable lower mount, which means you adjust height without losing suspension travel like some other coilover designs do. With the mounts and most pieces of the coilover being designed for 6061 billet aluminum the kit is lightweight, durable, and rust resistant. The steel shock body is electroplated with zinc to resist rust and the elements. The valving of each set is matched to the springs installed for unmatched ride quality and reliability.

The Ksport system uses a Monotube design in which the oil and gas are separated within the cylinder. When compared to twin tube designs the Monotube dissipates heat better, allows finer dampening adjustments, and requires more expensive design process. Aeration and cavatation are a lot less common in a Monotube design, which results in a better ride.

The Ksport Kontrol Pro Coilover kit has been designed with professional road racing in mind offering extremely high value and performance.

  1. 36 levels of adjustable dampening
  2. Made from high quality 6061 aluminum with T6 for increased hardness
  3. Compression/Rebound adjustable
  4. Adjustable spring perch for height adjustment
  5. Adjustable body allowing maximum suspension travel
  6. Pillowball top mount with adjustable camber (not available for some models)
  7. Monotube high pressure design reduces oil leakage
  8. Electroplated body for protection from corrosion and rust
  9. One year limited warranty

List price on these are $1,450.00 and we have 5 in stock! prices are to low to list PM me for pricing!

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