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hey , i am a new member with a 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT 8, 6.1 Hemi with 38 K miles driven moderately but aggressively at times
i installed at 17 k mile mileage a Procharger supercharger pumping 6 lbs max , a intercooler system, modified boosted fuel pump, modified computer
with Magnaflow exhaust -- all has been well for 17 K miles but now i had a sense that it was not purring just right so i had a computer readout
on the current status of the total system , All checked AOK except my exhaust temp is 1240 F degrees !, the engine water temp is ok at 195 / 2010 F
I have a installed Fuel to air mixture gauge witch says i am good at 12.1 / 12.4 , fuel mileage on the highway at 75/80 mph is 17/17.5 mpg
oh forgot to mention that my onboard diagnostic says "System OK" Does anybody know or have heard of this High temp exhaust temps
or its possible cause -- water temp is normal , no leaning out of fuel , all readouts OK , am i depending to much on readouts of gauges ?
any ideas ??

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Welcome from California ;)

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