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I have a deal im working through. Have SC Vortech. A/f too high at 13.2
I know a problem may be me being dummb and not buying pumps first, however I got this.
BAP is wired as follows
A. KB BAp in trunk next to batt.
B. Wiring gos as wire with orange/red stripe at pump hat was cut in half.
C. Wire run from KB bap to fuel pump , wire from car relay to pump going into KB bap, in and out.
D. KB bap grounded to frame at batt in trunk.
E. Hobbs Switch run to manifold. (I can jump out)
F. KB, reastat. type controler cut out and tied together as directions show.
G. Or are my pump feed wire not the right one. What color is the feed wire for our pumps. ?

Problem when PS contacts close and higher v goes to pumps and is 17v dc I get from 50psi to 52psi at the manifold. WTF ! I dunno
Loosing time to pull out for the forum war fun ? Any opinions ?
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