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Hi, I have ordered a KB kit and I understand it will come with HP Tuners Flash programmer to load the Supercharger tune.
I realise these are a locked tune.
A few questions,
In KB's tune is the speed limiter still OEM or raised? (OEM) You have to sign waiver to change.
In KB's tune is Rev-limiter OEM set or raised? (OEM) As above.
In KB's tune is thermos/fan settings for OEM thermostat? (Thermostat incl in kit so assume 180 degree or similar and tune will be set for it)
I assume that it would be logical to expect MDS permanently off in KB's tune? (I have always had it turned off via Diablo) (KB's tune has it turned off)
I assume there is no way to correct for tire size? (Not that it matters as my 315/35/20 = 245/45/20 OEM anyway) (KB requested tire size for tune)
Are there any torque management adjustments in KB's tune? (Yes,no detail but say remapped torque management settings)
They also asked other questions on fuel octane to be used ect.
The reason for questions is I already have Diablo (Johan tuned) and am trying to work out if I should just use the KB supplied flash tune or get Johan to tune the car.
I have shorty headers which I believe do not upset the KB tune? (KB's tuner concerned...but probably OK as have been on car for 5000 miles and has never thrown code)
Anyone running a Johan tuned via diablo KB supercharger...
Experience/opinions/input welcome.

So I have decided to run KB's supplied tune and see how it works out, should ship in a couple of days..
Thanks Phil.
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