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I was never able to locate the right one. And ya, after about #2, I looked but didn't have much luck finding something that was just right. So instead I just joined the power steering pump of the month club and pay my dues everytime. BTW, when the internal HP seal blows, it takes out the low presure shaft seal too, but that can be purchased aftermarket.

Luckly my budget hasn't allowed for any burn out comps or road course days the last couple of years. The last burn out comp I did was route 66 2 years ago which I won the $1,000 first prize. Problem was, I did 3K worth of damage to the car. And for some strange reason, the wife didn't like the math. :browsmiley:
Hahaha I bet.

Hmmm, sounds like some enterprising person needs to come up with a rebuild kit for this pump.

I guess there's not a "race" version available that's more heavy duty or you'd have gotten one by now.
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