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Keyless entry not working

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My 2019 Challenger R/T was involved in a car accident. Driver side door was hit, and the collision center replaced the door with a new door directly from the manufacturer. When I got the car, I realized that the key fob and the door handles sometimes dont work. Especially the door handles where putting my fingers under the door handle sometimes doesn't unlock the car or the black button on top doesn't lock the car. This has been consistent with the passenger side door and the trunk.
I also noticed today that the key fob's range has decreased significantly as far as locking and unlocking the car goes. I did get the batteries replaced on the fob and its consistent with both the fobs.

When I took it back to the collision center, they ran tests and found no fault. I was told to drive it for few weeks and see if the computer system will fix the issue automatically, but i think that wont fix the issue. So I am reaching out here for the help or suggestions.
Thank You in advance
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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