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I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Green Cats from Kooks? I read on a few Camaro forums that they wont throw a CEL without a tune; however like any LT install a tune will help reap the full benefits.

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correct, however any longtube header install will require some form of tuning, we are a distributor for Kooks headers, be glad to help

the longtubes is the reason you will need tuning, the longtubes will cause the engine too run lean, setting the mil and possibly affecting the driveability

on my supercharge Challenger longtubes and mids made a 60+ hps difference, naturally aspirated normally will yield 30 to 40 hps gain


ps in stock and ready to ship

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In terms of performance Kooks standard and green cats are basically the same. The difference is the green cats have a lot more precious metals in them, and in most cases will not throw check engine light. They are also super expensive because of the metals in them. Some people buy the green cats thinking because they do not throw CEL's, you can skip tuning. The issue is, with a mod like headers, CEL or not, you should tune the engine to properly work with headers.

Kooks headers with standard cats will 100% cause a check engine light. Normally since you need a custom tune with headers, the person who tunes it will modify the tune to address the check engine light. This is about 95% successful. So what it boils down to, is in most cases where you are already getting a tune, it is best to just stick with the standard cats.

We are Kooks biggest dealer. If you want an awesome price, call us @ the number in the sig:)
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