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Kooks Signature Series Stepped Headers are Currently In-Stock!

Why You Should Get Them?

A stepped header creates a more usable torque and power curve for street use. They are more suitable for applications where there are large rpm changes such as a gear shift in a manual transmission or sweeps through the rpm range on the track. It accomplishes this by taking advantage of 2 sets of pulse waves created by the 2 lengths of a single primary. The top step creates the first length which it tuned to a higher rpm. The total length of the tube, top and bottom steps, creates the second wave which is tuned to a lower rpm. Essentially a stepped header creates more area under the curve (dyno graph) and offers up more usable power than a single diameter primary header.

  • TIG welded at Tube to Flange Joint for Cleaner, more Custom/Upscale appearance
  • Hand TIG welded Step Joint for improved strength and appearance.
  • Signature Series specific Identification tag
  • Additional O2 bung (where fitment allows) for Wide Band oxygen sensor
  • Installation Hardware includes 02 Sensor Extensions.

Browse the Stepped Long Tube Headers offered by Kooks below:

Connection Pipes also available:

If anyone is interested in ordering a set, shoot me a PM for pricing and / or a coupon code.

- Johnny


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