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Kooks vs ARH??

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I'll be doing long tubes and high flows come late winter. '13 392. So I'm starting to gather some info. First of all, did the owners or power players of American Racing Headers work for/with Mr. Kooks? I know Kooks used to be from Long Island and ARH is still here.
Any way, I think I've narrowed it down to the two of them. That being said, can anybody give any input on materials, quality, fit, finish, ease, (lol lack there of), of install, and overall rating of the header & high flow cats versus the price. Thanks guys.

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May or may not apply, but on my vette, & a few others we dynoed (4 different cars) @ CARTEK, the KOOKS pulled 5-10 RWHP more @ top end, over TPIS, ARH & Stainless Works headers....

Throughout the power band all were similar until about 5,000 rpms, them the KOOKS took off...
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