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Monday I ordered map and dome lights and license plate led lights from Precision led "ordered from them on my last truck" very good quality leds and very bright, we'll I decided to order some for my 14 challenger. They came in Thursday opened the package and noticed that Maby 4 of the bulbs were correct so I tried my best to just try and see if I was wrong and since they were the "led experts" I took of map covers and they were the wrong bulbs they send took off Dome covers and it looks like there already led just not white in color

So I call the company and they tell me to take pictures of the housings and the bulbs they sent and they will contact me "that day" and they could figure it out

Today the 28th still haven't herd anything so I called again and he said he is talking to his tech about I said " why should you haft to talk to him it's set up in ur database of witch bulbs to get me when i put in the order I told you have my money and I have bulbs I can't use I told him if you didn't know if they were not gonna work take them down from your website. Lol. " I was pretty pissed" he told me he would call me back in a few minutes and that was 4 hours ago. So this my lil rant and to warn y'all about there customer service

If you know any good led places for are cars let me know thanks

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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