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Hey everyone, Can someone explain how the launch control works, is it like a line lock, do the front tires lock up and the back tires don't when you put the brakes on. I know you can set the rpm's, then you put on the brakes and push the gas pedal to the floor then the rpm's don't go past what you set them at, or something like that. Thanks!:SM127:

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Only model with line lock is the Demon...

Launch control allows you to set the max rpm (500 rpm increments)

>steering wheel must be straight ahead
>launch control operates up to 62mph

Activate launch control

>(automatic) hold brake with left foot; floor throttle pedal

Launch control will abort if:
>vehicle no longer going in straight line (the steering angle sensor will trigger this if you're not steering straight ahead)
>brake pedal is applied
>ESC button is pushed after Launch control is engaged

Its basically allows the user to set the max rpm that is determined for the track surface conditions, temperature etc to allow consistent launches. [avoid excess wheelspin due to too high rpm or bogging if too low rpm]

Manual recommends using launch control when engine & trans are at normal operating temperatures (not with a cold engine, for example)
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