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Well my two month leBra experience may be over. Purchased to protect my front side, it certainly caught its share of bugs and such. But going on my first extended trip it began flapping at certain speeds, and yes it was nice and snug. That and its appearance in general have relegated it to my garage for the foreseeable future
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That surprises me a little. I have had my Lebra car bra on my 2012 for 2 years now. No flapping at all. I have had the car up to 100 plus mph on many occasions and absolutely no issues at all. I pull it completely off about every 2 months for a wax job underneath it and there are no flap scratches at all. I believe it is all about fit. I have mine down very tight. Even around the front spoiler, of which there is a pocket for that. I have found that the fender and fender under the hood mounts must be in the absolute correct places. The under the fender mounts actually go down and under the plastic front cowling in the front of the engine bay. I have jacked my fingers up a couple of times doing this. Not fun, no doubt. I have had bras on every car that I have ever owned, all the way back to the 70's. I personally like the look and the protection they provide to the front end. Sorry to hear you are having such bad luck with the fit. Colgan is definitely the best, with out a doubt. Lebra is just a more economical choice. I guess sometimes the manufacturer just doesn't quite get the fit right. I hope you are able to get your fit issue taken care of. A suggestion, that has worked for me in the past. Wash it in the machine on delicate, hot water, then air dry for a couple of days. It will be a pain to get on, but it will be tight. Good luck.
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