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Well this was the first of our new engine program to make it to the track. Only got 1 run in, but we are very happy with the results considering its only 10psi from a centrifugal and a heavier 4-dr car. More details below.

Just got a chance to sit behind a computer!! lol

My ATCO experience was one of high frustration, followed with great joy, only to end in dissappointment! lol

Want to first thank Dan, Stell, Wendy, and everyone else involved in making this event happen. You all did a friggin tremendous job at putting on a great event. My hat is off to all of you.

I started the day with a car that had just been picked up from After Hours Mopar Perf the Sunday before. I want to thank Scott and Jon for all their hard work, but that is another thread altogether! lol To say I needed some seat time would be an understatement. My new build consisteded of:

PWR forged 370
PWR heads/cam
PI 2400 convertor
SHR Trans
Smaller blower pulley
Nitrous Outlest 6.1 Plate System

Here is the quick version of my runs.....

1 - Decent burnout, blow off the tires twice, give up and slowly drive down the track. No sense beating a new build for a wasted run....... come to find out I sprayed coolant on my tires via the overflow hose from my custome made coolant tank. Not good........ shut the track down for close to an hour. I used the time to try and clean the underside of my car. Grabbed a empty water bottle for a quick fix to vent the overflow hose into.....

2 - Decent burnout, blow off tires again and go into limp mode....... go back to the pits and Jon from AfterHoursMoparPerf. helps me rework the rev limiter and shift points, as well as cut about half the spring off in my new BOV. The new BOV was not opening properly making the car a bear to go into boost "smoothly"........

3 - Great burnout, stage, bring it up on vertor, then did slow roll launch...... car hooked good and took off like a rocket!!! I was pumped to get a full run in. I told myself it felt like a 11.00 run..... well this is what I see (I am car 49)


Now I am pumped. This was a blower only run.

4 - First round of eliminations...... Blow the tires off but manage to run down my opponent for the win:

YouTube - Atco Hemi Shootout 7 - 11/19/2010

5 - Second round of eliminations and I am paired against Scott...... the irony of the guy that put a ton of blood, sweat, and tears into my cars build is now the "enemy"! lol Great burnout, stage, leave hard, and........ BANG!!!! Sounded like a shotgun blast under my car! lol

YouTube - Atco Hemi Shootout 20 - 11/19/2010

i am now offcially a member of the broken axle club! My day was done, but not before setting a new PB and sorting out some new build gremlins!

Last I want to thank Joe from LPM for rallying the troops to help push my car back to the trailer.......and we did it with the e-brake on for the beginning of the journey!! lol
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