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Back in the old cobra days stripes meant different countries:

Green - Britian
Red - Italy

I am glad that between the US and Canada they could build and sell us such a fine vehicle as the 392. It may have a few things that need to be tweaked but over all its right on. I can't wait to drive it and feel like King of the Road! :king:
If you don't like people staring at you.... Don't get this car . How often do you get the thumbs up.:thumbsup: Im following a guy in a truck and he keeps going slower. I think...come on...all of a sudden arm sticks out the window.... and oh ya... another thumbs up.:thumbsup: What can you do but smile. Is this not the greatest highway car! It has a ride thats hard to describe....and everyone I take out just loves how it rides and sounds. This will probably be my last muscle car before I go electric. I think I made the right choice and I'm proud to wear the blue stripes. USA...USA!

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Wow! Goehner is back?!? Awesome!!! I though you got banned... Regardless, it's nice to see you back on the forum website again!!! :-D

My mom and I are planning to keep the stripes on the IE 392 that is currently in JB status. I think the stripe delete will make it that much easier to wash and maintain. To each his (or her) own I suppose... Either way; these IE Challengers look amazing!
Thanks. Actually, when I first got the car, it was very easy to clay bar and wax as there was so much stripe on the car I only had to touch about 1/2 of it. As far as the stripes taking them off or not.....I wanted this car to have stripe delete. Since Chrysler didn't give me that option, I did it myself.

Some may hate it, some may love it. Really doesn't matter to me, it's my car.

He didnt get banned. He has been living in his 392 for the past month.
I have spent some significant time in it that is for sure.

This is the sort of thing that gets Alan into trouble, too. It's hard NOT to make sarcastic remarks about those sorts of comments.
Just can't help myself sometimes cause everyone takes stuff WAY too serious.

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Whoever would do that is completely insane, these cars are already worth double their value. :) Here is mine.

I need to get some better pics, been using my cell phone so I don't have to resize.
It Looks so much better !! It's worth triple now for sure.
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