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locking in details for Vertini RFS1.7 wheels

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I have a bone stock 2019 scat pack, normal body, not lowered ( but might be later on, purely cosmetic reasons )

I really like the look of the Vertini RFS 1.7's and I wanted to make sure I have everything right here. Front and back are staying 20 inch, the 22's might look good but I don't want to give up on any more ride quality or performance.

I am planning on putting 9's in the front to match stock...9 inch wheels seem pretty good for the amount of hard steering this car might see and I haven't found a reason to justify the added weight of more wheel in front. Let me know if I am wrong.

I am planning to put 10.5's in the rear, but this is based on the fact that I hear a lot of people saying trying for 11 is just asking for trouble. I do not want to mess with rubbing. I let my '87 fox body rub the body on the fat rears, this car is a daily driver that I don't want developing 'quirks'. I would put 11's on it if I could be assured there would be clearance. I might be willing to bent a little bit of wheel well if necessary but it has to be minimal and completely solve the problem permanently. I just don't think I can get that level of assurance in an 11 inch wheel. Honestly the only reason to go with the 11 would be if i could fit a 315 on them, and my understanding is that can add even MORE clearance issues.

I am looking to put michelin PS4S all around. 245's in front and 305's in back on the 10.5 inch wheels. Like I said above, if someone can verify with a relatively solid degree of certainty that 315's on 11's in this wheel type would fit, I would totally go for that. My goal is maximum rubber ( in the rear ) that I can safely fit without any clearance issue through the full range of the wheels movement. I know there is endless debate about tires here, I have read a ton of it. I don't want slicks or anything that will impede bad weather driving..this car lives in Michigan, but I will be swapping to the stock rims with snow tires, so any other tires you think would be a better choice is welcome advice. These Michelin are pretty expensive.

My final question is about offset. Do I need to have a definitive idea of what offset I need or will the wheel retailer be able to do any of that for me? The specs for the wheel list a range of offsets, does this mean the wheels come in a variety of offsets to match different vehicles or does it just fit anything in that range? Do I need spacers in the rear to fit the 10.5's? I am looking to get the max 'deep dish' look possible for these rims and the Vertini website lists 3 options of 'depth' to the wheels yet I don't see anything like that as an option on any retails site. Is that really just a function of how wide the wheels are vs. the offset? So do I just get what I get based on the wheel/offset?
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Welcome to Challengertalk ;) Might I suggest you reach out to one of our vendors for assistance in offset. I see them often posting as wide as 10.5" front, and 11" rear wheels in their forum


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