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Long island challengers

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I'm going to try and set up a few meets, a few times a month, so I' ll be posting, where and when, feel free to show up and say hi.i'm easy to spot I' m always in a Minnesota Vikings ball cap, usually a Harley tee
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Interested .Not as easy to spot though (always working) -Where ? I'm in Suffolk.:ugh2:
I'm western suffolk, south shore,always working too, but try and get out when I can. I'll be at cedar beach , Babylon, on ocean pkwy Friday night, at the " beach hut"
Sounds good. I'm located near Port Jeff.
Sounds like a plan. I am out by Shoreham.
Has anyone been to bald hill on Mondays? I get home from work around six on Mondays, don't know if it's worth it to go.

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I've been there twice this year, it's crowded( not a bad thing), not a lot of American muscle, a lot of imports( think fast n furious types), a lot of trucks and jeeps, they $ 5 a car to get in, all in it's cool to walk around and see, 95%, a younger crowd( I'm 51, I' d say early 20's), everyone is nice, just younger, worth going there once or twice, I just took my nephew he's 14, he enjoyed it
Thanks, do you think I could get a spot if I showed up at 6:30 or so?

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I got there after 7 and got a spot

Interested in going to Bayville cruise night next Friday 8/1/2014? Have to work tomorrow.
Next Friday looks good, I'm giving blood , so I'll get out early

Interested in going to Bayville cruise night next Friday 8/1/2014? Have to work tomorrow.

I'll definitely consider it but won't commit to it now.

This Sunday, Mopar Power Club is meeting at Wendy's, Sunrise Highway, Copiague between 11-3 PM for anyone interested. Not sure whether I am going to it, just putting the info out there.
I am unable to make it due to work.
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