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Long tube header wraps??

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Friend of my mine is a big and long time Harley guy. Builds motors, fabricates his frames, makes his own seats, does it all when it comes to his bikes. He's got this exhaust wrap on his pipes. Says it helps cool the exhaust just a little to help with the scavenging effect, keeps the pipes cooler, and looks real nice. Have any of you guys used this type of wrap on cars? Sounds like it would help with the scavenging as he said, but also maybe keep the heat down by the tranny hump and under the floor boards. Any thoughts??

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Based on my prior experience with cars. You want coated headers if worried about heat soak. The disadvantage to header wrap is it is prone to getting oil soaked if there is a leak. Basically it can be a fire hazard from what I understand. If it were me, I would either buy coated headers, or leave the uncoated ones alone.
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