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Some of you may know me. Here is my original thread from a few months back:

Long story short: I bought a 2015 R/T Plus Shaker 6MT out of state and seem to have an issue getting in and out of gear. Mostly, it's a couple of notches I have to get passed to get into 2nd gear; sometimes if it's not in all the way it slips out when I release the clutch. Since creating that post, I have replaced the trans fluid, installed the skip shift eliminator, and removed the clutch valve delay. These all seem to help but the issue remains.

I took it into a Dodge dealer in hopes of them finding the issue and my extended warranty I purchase from the out of state dealer covering the repairs. They were able to feel the issue and after a week and a half, finally opened it up and found a pin missing from one of the input shafts going into the gear box (or something along those lines). I test drove it and it felt better and I took it home. After a few days of driving it, I could tell the issue was still there.

I also picked up a Barton shifter, which I loved but I found it exacerbated the issue even more, so the plan is to get it fixed with the stock shifter to eliminate any complication and then put it back on.

So next step is I bring it in and have them open up the trans and see what they can find. From what I've read, issues in Tremec TR-6060 can be a result of corrupted input shaft grease or just damaged synchros from starting cold and whathaveyou.

If and when they find something, I'm trying to plan how to approach the extended warranty and/or the dealer itself to pay for the repairs. They were existing when I bought the car but I figured either way I would get it fixed.

So short story long, I'm looking for people that have dealt with a similar issue and how they dealt with the warranty and crappy Dodge dealerships and warranties that don't want to pay for anything. If I have to do, I'll pay for it myself and bring in a lawyer if it save me a grand or two.

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