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Looking for some advice and I know I’ll get some here! I recently found a 2008 SRT8 Chally with only 13,000 miles on her. I got it after an assassin in a Toyota Corola murdered my beloved 300C. Anyway, after throwing on a canned Diablo 93 octane tune and driving it for a while I feel the need for a bit more “bawls”. I would like to go with the cam/heads/headers route for now with a good nitrous set up for when I want to have some extra fun. So that’s it. I am looking for advice on:
1) Cam – I like low end to mid-range power. If it’s “lopey” that’s even better!
2) Heads – I am not a racer so they don’t need to be the “best of the best”. Just something that flows really well.
3) Headers – I was thinking long tubes…am I wrong?
4) NO2 – I don’t know a lot about these kits. I was thinking a 100 shot. Is this pretty safe on an otherwise stock engine?

My goal is 500whp/wtq eventually. I am looking to stay NA and I am taking it in stages. I do see a stroker in the future but it's a ways off. Just looking for more fun for now.
Thanks in advance for any and all information.
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