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Looking for Atlanta/North-Atlanta based Challengers for Borla Exhaust Install Videos

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So, we've gotten pretty miffed by the severe lack of quality videos showing the Borla exhaust systems for the Challenger R/T and SRT-8, and want to go ahead and make some ourselves now. We're looking for Atlanta-based Challengers who would be willing to let us do the install and make a video of it, as well as the way the exhaust sounds. For your cooperation, we'll give you the Borla exhaust at Wholesale price, exactly what we pay (you also get a free install). We're located in the Marietta/Kennesaw area, so the first people relatively close to us with either a Challenger R/T or an SRT-8 who wouldn't mind driving their Challenger out for a fun day of exhaust install and video shooting--you're welcome and invited to hang out with us while we do the install--will get a brand-new Borla exhaust at wholesale price, and get the free install. You'll also, ideally, become the owner of the Challenger featured in the go-to video showing the install process and sound comparisons for the Borla exhaust systems!
For the Challenger R/T we want to install a Borla ATAK Cat-Back (Part number 140384).
For the SRT-8, we want to install the Borla 140286 Performance Cat-Back exhaust.
Shoot us a PM if you're interested in letting us use your vehicle for the install and videos! Again, this will result in an exhaust at the same price we, as wholesale distributors, pay--the lowest you're going to get anywhere, and a free install!

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Hey, we're still looking for an R/T for this. We got our SRT-8 covered, and have posted that video up. We're working on making a second SRT-8 video now, also, with some more artistic shots.

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