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Open to suggestions.

I had professionally installed Eibach’s Sport System (SPORTLINE Springs & PRO-DAMPER Shocks/Struts) just under a year ago along with all the other suspension parts that best matched the system. Over the last month I started getting a rattle coming from the left rear. Took it into the shop that installed the suspension system and they told me the left rear shock was faulty. Even put in a different shock on and the noise went away instantly. With the lower Sportline springs a regular replacement shock wasn’t recommended so they said I should replace both rears with shocks better suited for the Sportline springs.

I could go the warranty route but kind of a pain and if one could fail in less than a year under normal driving conditions I might want to find a better set of shocks to replace them with than the Eibach’s Pro Dampers that came with the kit.

Overall happy with the Sport System but would be willing to spend a bit more for a better set of rear shocks that will work well with the two inch drop and not bottom out when going over a major bump.

So far leaning towards a pair of Bilstein B6 Performance Series Shocks just not sure if those would work with my lowered setup.

So if anyone is currently using the lower Sportline springs and something other than Eibach Pro Dampers (or OEM stock) I would be interesting in know what other brands and models work well together.

Not looking to go coil-overs or air-ride, just something that still gives great everyday performance with what I have currently. This car is my daily driver but I don’t mind a stiffer suspension which is why I went with Eibach’s Sport System in the first place.

Thanks in advance.

2014 Dodge Challenger SXT with Eibach Sportline Springs


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I had the Eibach Sportline springs and Eibach dampers on my '09 for several years and nearly 30K miles, no issues with them.

You may have had a shock with defects - I had this happen with Bilstein struts many years ago (replaced under warranty). It can happen with any top brand.
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