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Looking For High Performance Fuel Hat And Ported Intake

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Andy with PWR will be done in a few weeks (By the 3 week of August I hope) with my new motor. I am going with a 397 Stroker and Andy states that I will need new injectors which I just bought, but while I am doing it I might as well look at either a single high output pump or twin fuel hat and ported intake for future supercharge application.

Thanks for looking!!

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Fore Fuel System is what you need for a fuel hat. As far as a ported intake try giving some of the supporting venders a call they can guide you. Good Luck on the build!
Thanks... Fore i an awesome product no doubt but Arrington does have a single pump that support 700rwhp and the wiring runs on the stock plug. I am trying to see if anyone has one like new that they don't use or need before buying a brand new one.
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