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Looking for OEM spring part numbers from 2012 to 2014 SRT8 challenger

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I am looking to see what springs came on the SRT8. I have a 2018 T/A 392 and the SRT8 appears to sit .4 inches lower ground to roof but is .5 inches closer to the ground. I also believe the springs have a lower spring rate than mine. I am really looking for lower spring rates without lowering the car much.

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A guy, that is my question exactly. Seems dodge parts list every spring that will fit and not just fit the Challenger, so how do you know what spring came on what year/make/model. I was looking for someone with the actual car to chime in with the actual part numbers from their car. I found a listing fro springs supposedly taken from a 2010 SRT8 and they are the same as what is on my 2018 TA 392 providing the listing is accurate. the only difference being the last letter on the rear spring which is usually just do to the an updated year release. I doubt they kept using that same spring set, especially when the AD suspension came into play.

Thanks for the replies and keep them coming if someone cane check their car and reply it would be ideal.
Same website shows this fits a 392 or SRT8 as well. So, how are you looking up the application?

Home 2011 Dodge Challenger Front Suspension, Strut and Cradle 5181354AB
Front Coil Spring, Right - Mopar (5181354AB)
2009-2020 Dodge Challenger

  • Front Coil Spring, Right - Mopar (5181354AB)
  • Front Coil Spring, Right - Mopar (5181354AB)

  • List Price:$98.95
  • You Save:$28.33 (28.60% off)
  • Sale Price:$70.62
This part fits your 2011 Dodge ChallengerChange vehicle

Dodge Parts

  • SKU:5181354AB
  • Positions:Left, Front
  • Other Names:Front Coil Spring, Left, Front Coil Spring, 05181354ab, Spring-Front Coil,
  • Applications:392. Yellow Jacket.
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1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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