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Looking for suggestions - trunk amp

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Hi all...

am putting an amplifier in the trunk and am curious as to where people are mounting one and how they are mounting is about 11" x8" ...Have been looking around the trunk and haven't come up with a location..
Appreciate your suggestions...thanks
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You could build a sub box and put it behind the backseat if you don't need to fold them back for anything.
Last car (09 SE) I didn't have a spare tire and mounted the sub amp there. This one has a spare but looks like if you mount it to the back underside of the spares "hatch", it would still clear as I laid the amp on tire at back, and hatch closed ok. You may also check hanging under the rear deck if you DONT have the 8" sub in it, you may have the room there also. I ended up making a rear delete and installed mine under where the backseat lower had been, not sure if it would fit there with the seat tho.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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