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Looking to Factory Order - Trying to Pin Down the Perfect Time to Submit Order to Dealer

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I've been waiting for a few years to buy my Hellcat. I really love this generation car and I was going to buy one in 2018 when Dodge introduced the WB. But I waited, because I felt it was a little too early in the cycle. In 2019, Dodge gave us the Redeye and my patience was rewarded. But I waited because I heard rumors of an ACR and maybe a whole new generation in 2021. 2020 didn't give us anything new except that the rumor mill now says the new generation will be in 2023. The latest rumor mill stuff is also saying the ACR isn't going to happen.

I've only ever bought used cars and, when I do, I really try to aim for the last two years of a vehicle's generation. I feel at that point you get the most refined, perfected version of that car you can get. All of the bugs should be sorted at that point, all of the performance upgrades will be available. But this is my first factory order and with no crystal ball to say when Dodge is going to end this generation Challenger's run, it's hard to nail down that window.

I'm thinking this winter will be the time. I think the 2021 Challenger is very likely in the "last 2 years window" (or at least the last 3) and should be the best version of the 3rd Gen Challenger we'll see before the redesign (4th Gen). Also, car discounts right now are very good and will probably be as good or better this winter. And, of course, end of year sales will help some, too. I'll probably submit the order in late-August, early-November so I can pick up in December. It'll definitely be a nice Christmas present. :)

Do any of you have a suggestion to a better time to submit the order? I know none of us have crystal balls here, but do any of you have thoughts as to whether the 2021 MY will fall into that "last 2years" category? Do you think the '21 will be the best version of this generation Challenger we'll get before the redesign?

Just looking to get a second opinion from the experts before I sign on that dotted line this winter. :)


Is now the time to buy?

  • Yes, a '21 will likely be the best 3rd Gen we'll get before the redesign

    Votes: 3 100.0%
  • No, there's a better time in the year to order a '21 MY (comment below)

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  • No, Dodge is really cooking up something special in the coming years you'll regret not waiting for

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