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Looks Like I don't have STP on my Shaker

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I have looked at my window sticker and the build sheet. They talk about track tuned suspension, performance steering, ect but no specific Super Track Pack part number or wording on the paperwork. The car has LSD as am option.
Am I missing something?
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I have yellow shocks..... my car is not a STP car. All original. Bought new.
what's up with my yellow shocks?
Brampton mistake or supply issue I would guess, think all standard suspension shocks should be black.
If you run your build sheet and see Sport Suspension, then you have STP.

Enter your VIN under Equipment Listing here.

Here's a side by side pic of an STP Ivory Anniversary next to a non-STP with 18's and you can see how much lower STP is.


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1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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