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One morning while getting into my Ram, I noticed that the EVIC in the 2016 Scat Pack with 6k miles was illuminated. The EVIC & shifter lights would cycle on and off as well, the message push button to start engine would cycle on and off while the EVIC was illuminated. The key fob was not close buy. I opened and closed doors then got the fob and started the car. After shutting down the EVIC illumination cycle continued. I had to leave and when I returned 10 hours later the battery was down to 10.5 volts and would not start the car.

After charging the battery the car started and the EVIC behaved normally and has ever since however, battery voltage drops to 12.20 to 12.35 within 12 hours of charging. This is consistent regardless if the battery is charged by the cars alternator or by an external charger. It is also consistent if the battery is installed in the car or uninstalled.

The battery was taken to a parts store and tested on an AutoMeter tester. It shut the machine down 3 times without giving any result. The car was taken to the dealer who did a load test on the battery and declared it good. After a system test they said alternator output was low (14.2 to 14.3 volts) and replaced the alternator. Stated it now charged at 14.6 volts. Dealer charged the battery but suggested a long drive to get the battery fully charged. I drove the car for an hour (was charging at 14.2 to 14.3 volts all the time). Battery tested at 12.58 volts. Battery dropped to 12.34 volts in 12 hours.

Last night I drove the car 25 miles than stopped at another part store where a friend works and tested the battery with an EXP tester. Battery tested good, voltage was 12.58 and again dropped to 12.38 in 12 hours. Every good battery I have ever seen has charged to 12.6 volts or more and held 12.5 or more for extended periods.

Do I have a problem? Am I missing something?
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