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Low idle miss

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Ive changed plugs and coils in my 2011 rt. Still have a miss. Acts as if it has trouble taking fuel. Could it be an o2 sensor, or injector? Put it on a computer said 1 and 3 cylinder misfire.
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Cylinders 1 and 3 are next to one another. The misfires could arise from a head gasket failure between the cylinders.

Or both cylinders have suffered some valve/valve train issue.

Or it could be an injector problem.

Or low fuel pressure and 1 and 3 misfire first.

As much as I dislike messing with a car's fuel system in this case I think you are at least going to have to swap injectors moving the injectors from 1 and 3 to other cylinders and moving the injectors from those other cylinders to 1 and 3.

You don't have to do both at the same time. Try just swapping injectors between 1 and another cylinder. If the miss follows the injector then you can also proceed to cylinder 3. If the miss doesn't follow the #1 injector that is not a guarantee this will be the case for #3 injector. So you would or should try swapping #3 injector with an injector from an apparently healthy cylinder.

If the injector swapping doesn't help then that suggests the problem is internal to the engine. For a suspected head gasket failure or any issues with the valves a compression test is called for. And after maybe a leak down test.
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