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After all you've done to make the car "your own".......keeping it probably makes the most sense anyway

I'm assuming you've got the space and can afford to keep an "extra car".

Again you're not alone.

I've got extra cars too and have done what you and so many car guys do so often. I've got an older emissions era '79 Corvette that on it's best day might fetch $12,000. If a quick sale was required it would definitely go for less because you can find pretty clean versions of the car with low mileage just under $10,000 when sellers are really motivated. My problem, if were to ever sell it....... a very strong stroked small block and really stout Automatic transmission to handle the power went into the car 2 years ago and even after doing all the wrenching myself parts cost of the crate motor and trans added up to approximately $8,000 alone.....then there are some 17" wheels and tires,,,,,,,big time suspension changes that jettisoned all the original suspension. Gone are the front coils and real steel leaf and smaller sway bars in favor of a completely modern set up that in no way resembles what was in the car originally.........along with other changes like willwood brakes at all 4 corners....... I've got way more money in the car than it would ever come close to recovering in a sale.

The fact is every car is limited by it's competition for a sale. It doesn't matter at all that my car could lay waste to any stock Corvette from the muscle car era on road track for sure and it's 1/4 mile capability when it "hooks" is better than my '18 392 Challenger. But none of this adds up in the market to the money I'd have to see to ever sell it. In a nut-shell that is the dilemma of making over any car to what you REALLY WANT when it's a big expensive move away from "stock" and your competition for a sale in any market. Selling almost always will require you to take a BIG HIT you wouldn't have had you just kept it all original.
I’ll make the space if I get another addition to the collection😎. actually after the wife’s car I’ll have to keep a vehicle outside which I hate...3 car garage limitation. Here’s the other half of my stable. Which one goes in the driveway if I get the 911 or GTR?

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mustang dyno results...basic tune by Johan after the guys at American Muscle Performance took care of some maintenance.

what do those numbers equate to at the crank? I don’t even know how to estimate. I do like to use the 511 dyno jet estimate in conversation.
General ballpark rule is 20% loss through an automatic, 15% loss through a manual

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