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2010 Challenger, 5.7, Magnacharger, 90mm Arrington TB with nitrous ports.
Added 55 shot of nitrous over winter.
I also have the 8# pulley.
Boost has been dropping a little since installed.
Made a call to MagnaCharger.
They thought the nitrous may have removed some of the powdercoating on the rotor veins.
This is also the fist time I have made runs in hot weather.
Was seeing 8 to 9 pounds late last year in cool temps.
Challenger was stored for winter.
Wet spring, so I didn't get it out till the hot weather.
Even before nitrous, boost was at 7#.
Now that it's really hot out I see 6 to maybe 7 pounds.
Ran one 10 pound nitrous bottle through it.
Runs real good, even without nitrous, but can tell the boost is down.
And with the lower boost, my A/F ratios are down in the lower 10's.


Thanks, Brad

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more nitrous should take care of the lack of performance from the maggie
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