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magnacharger warranty

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I am getting a maggie installed by arrington at the end of the month. I see that magnuson offers a powertrain warranty for $200. Has anybody purchased this? Also has anybody broken a tensioner pulley after the magnacharger install at 6lbs boost, thanks, steve
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The $200 warranty was actually our old powertrain warranty. We just started offering our new warranties about 3 months ago. They offer you the choice of 3yr/36k mi, 5yr/60k mi, or 5yr/100k mi coverage and cover up to $5000 towards the engine, $1500 towards the transmission, and $1500 towards the rear end. These warranties are good for any street-driven (i.e. not a trailered race car) vehicle that is running the supercharger as we provide it as well as the tune as we provide it. Running our provided tune also means that the engine, intake, and headers/cats must remain stock. All other mods are just fine and don't void the warranty. The 3/36 warranty is $275, the 5/60 is $475, and the 5/100 is $775. If you have any more questions, feel free to give me a call: 805-642-8833 x255.

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I have had the maggie for about 1 1/2 years. I broke the stock tensioner
after a few thousand miles, it was very hot and I was on a back road
running the 1/4. I have 8 lbs set-up, and if I were you I would do
8 not 6, you will want more trust me, 8 psi want hurt your engine.

I bought a tensioner at the parts store, if you can afford the $1200
Arrington's independent belt system would eliminate any down the road
worries, I ride around with an extra tensioner, belt and wenches in my car
so I can do a road side fix, Lethal Perfomance has a all heavy duty
medal one for $360.

I passed on the warranty per recommendatons of installers, you will
want 8psi and a custom tune so warrany no good anyway. You can
e-mail me at [email protected]


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I never had problems with the stock tensioner on mine even at 12psi of boost.

However, I did decide to replace it with the Dayco unit which has a better spring and is cheap ($40 on Amazon).

Stock on top, Dayco on bottom. I've got 10 or so runs down the 1/4 mile with the Dayco on the car but keep the stock one in the trunk as a spare. It's simple to change if needed, one bolt. The Dayco P/N is 89377.

The other option is the Ford GT500 tensioner. I've not tried it yet.

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