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Marker light sockets burnt?

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So doing a little plasti-dip on the marker lights today and I was shocked when I see all of the connectors are burnt!!! Has anyone else see this? Correct bulb size and wattage but all 4 are crispy. Vehicle door Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part Vehicle

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I had the exact same issue with the daytime running lights on my Jeep Grand Cherokee. One side burned out and I noticed a lot of heat related discoloration that your pic shows. I told my wife at that time, be prepared for me to have to replace the other lamp on the other side in a few months, since the life expectancy will probably be similar.
Sure enough, the other lamp burned out and the socket that held it looked fried. I'm really beginning to prefer LED lights since they don't give off heat, draw less current, and last longer. Bulbs suck big time IMO.
I am planning led replacements, these bulbs still work with no issues just kinda worried bout this shorting out and burning my car up

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My bulbs were definitely burned out. I feel like they would have lasted longer had they not been subjected to excessive heat. It was obvious by the discoloration of their sockets, that they must have run very hot! Kinda scary to see, if you ask me.:nono:
Sme thing happened to my right rear side seems like water got inside and rusted out the socket.Ive tried to replace the bulb itself but the whole socket needs to be replaced.the dealership quoted me $70 to get it fixed.
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