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What is Cruisin OC?
It's mid May and one of my favorite shows of the year is here. The Crusin OC show is attended by roughly 100,000 people and takes place every year the weekend before Memorial Day. Though the organized "official" show is primarily a classic car/hot rod deal, there also is a large contingent of late model muscle who also make the trek down to the beach. If you have never attended this event, I strongly recommend you try it one year. It's scope, and overall fun factor is really unequalled by any show in the area.
This year the cruise weekend is between May 19th and May 22rd.
Full organized event info can be found here- Special Event Productions, Inc.
About MarylandSpeed's Get Togethor @ Carrabba's
The Get Together will be Friday May 20th, and start @ 3:00 PM. You don't have to eat @ Carrabba's to take part in the Get Together, however after meeting up outside, everyone is welcome to stay for dinner or join us in the lounge area for "conversation". Carrabba's is on the east bound side of RT 50 about a mile from the bridge into Ocean City (address and directions below). The owner said they have a 160 spot PAVED lot. Being right on 50, it will be kind of neat because people will see our gathering as they come in. We are inviting our customers from many of the boards we sponsor, so there will be Camaros, GTO's, Corvettes, and so forth. We will also have MarylandSpeed decals, and a little "something extra" this year to help your modding habit.
IMPORTANT: Please respect our hosts. Do not do burn out's in the parking lot. Do not bring open bottles with you. Ocean City is extremely crowded this time of year, so it is very hard to find a restaurant willing to do this kind of thing. Thanks!
Carrabba's Directions & Info-
12728 Ocean Gtwy
Ocean City, MD
Note: Google Maps shows it about a quarter mile west of where it really is. Our map below shows the actual location.
Map showing Carrabba's and it's relation to Hoopers for out of towners

Street View
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