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So either my ECU is guilty of being waaay too optimistic with its logged g/s numbers for the Mass Airflow PID, or I have somehow managed to mod my engine so well that it's able to gulp in more air than should be physically possible.

While I'd love to think the latter is the case, I'm fairly certain the former scenario is my culprit...and I already know it starts and ends with this blasted MAP-Speed Density System getting the calculations wrong (likely due to inaccurate IAT readings, right? Heatsoak and all that, BLAST!!), but even still, taking into account an error from MAP calcs, the datalogs are still telling me my engine is gulping in waaay more air than I would think possible. :scratchhead:

At idle, I would expect to see no more than 3.5-4.0 g/s of airflow, but I'm seeing a steady 4.5+ g/s at idle, and that's when I know the IAT is reading relatively close to the actual temp of the incoming air charge.

At WOT, I would expect to see no more than 200 g/s of airflow, 225 g/s at the absolute max. Yet I'm consistently seeing it jump above 250 g/s at WOT in 1st and 2nd gear.

I will certainly admit that the car seems to be running great during all this, but I know that can be explained by the much cooler weather lately. I've got a modded air intake system, and I would expect it to outlfow the OE setup, but not swamp it like this... :dunno:

I don't know, something just ain't stirring the Kool-Aid with these numbers, and I guess I'm wondering if anyone else has ever run across this sort of thing while perusing their datalogs.

And if so, what conclusion, if any, did you ever come to about the reason for the expanded airflow numbers?

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