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We are getting ready for our first Show of the 2016 season -- and our only west region show. :thumbsup:

Muscle Cars At The Strip (MATS) formerly MOPARs at the Strip is occupying the LVMS for the weekend and we will be there.

We are bringing two Arrington 426-powered cars, a Challenger and a Charger, both NA with 500 RWHP with the best, cam-induced, full-throated sound you can only get from a big NA car. I will post pictures during and after the show.

As you can see from this banner, we are featuring our Gen3 426 HEMI long block (or crate engine) which is a 6.4L-based stroker with completely forged internals -- available as a high-compression NA or low-compression (9:1) version which can take lots of boost.

And Alex Rogeo is racing in our sponsored-class, NEW HEMI. This winter we refreshed her engine with her first 426 block, running 12-14 psi boost from a Magnuson supercharger. With the 90mm TB, this one clocked over 900HP on the engine dyno, so we are really excited to see it run. (sorry it isn't a Challenger, but it is Dodge)

Note to the experts: Not trying to say we have the only or the first forged 426 Gen3 HEMI stroker block out there. There are others and some of them are good.:wink3:
We are going to be featuring our 426 because we think ours is really good and we have a ton of experience making them. We use 6.1L and 6.4L core blocks (soon 6.2L cores) and all new moving parts to build the 426 in our NASCAR-qualified engine shop. We have a lot of them out there -- find an Arrington 426 owner and ask! And come see us at MATS to find out more.
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