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Sucks your having trouble with it. I bought my MBRP back in Dec of '08 from BMC(now speedlogix) and the fit&finish was great. Now I have over 45,000miles with them on and they are still holding up very well. We did the install ourselves and it only took about 1 hour to take off the stock exhaust and install the MBRP catback. Not hard at all, I'd suggest doing it yourself if you end up wanting to take it off.

Plus, go under the car yourself and you can easily adjust the MBRP so that its no longer touching the rear valence. I actually just had to do it to mine, got under the car because I heard a rattle(1st time ever) and noticed that one of the claps vibrated over to were it was touching the other pipe. Loosened the clamp and moved it to the oposite side, rattle stopped. But while moving it, I didnt notice that I had effected the rest of the catback doing so. So when I got out from under the car, the passenger side (side of the exhaust I was working on) tip was turned way out of wack. Got back under and adjusted the piping a bit more and voila! Back to being straight an centered.

Good luck, hope all your problems become a thing of the past. Let us know how it does on the dyno!
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