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Thats Metco - auto correction can be a pain in the ass.

I installed this on my 09 charger RT, but it's the same for the challey.

I had orderd the lakewood generic kit but couldn't bring myself to start punching holes in the underside of my car. Then I saw this really well done Metco kit. The fit and finish of this kit is fantastic and it took all of about 45 minutes to install - most of which was getting the car up on jack stands.

The kit is the Metco MDL2700

Very nice hardware and really intuitive just looking at the kit

Start by removing the two center bolts from the crossmember - they aren't used again so they went into the parts box

Install the bracket using the new bolts and spacers. This is well thought out as it fits into the crossmember/transmission groove perfectly.

Slide the loop over the driveshaft and run in the 4 bolts - taking time to use the adjustment room to maximize clearance.

And thats it! I'll be running the 1/8 mile for the first time Friday night!

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