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Allright.... now, after quite a few meetings, I think it's safe to say we're "established". We have a few members that are now regulars. However, new cars and members are coming to every meeting we've had so far. I am also happy to say we had almost all the modern Mopar muscle represented. We had 300's, Magnums, Chargers, Challengers and Calibers. We had them in all the spec ranges from base models to SRT8's and at all levels of modification. We have had a couple of cameras at the more recent meetings so feel free to head back to the previous threads and check out the photos.... for example

I think it's safe to say we have the best Mopar turn out in Miami right now. Come by and join us and make it even better!

The next meet we are going to have is next week on Thursday the 7th of April.

Get those rides ready to show off. The meet is for SSP Miami. It's an open (no particular make/model) car club in Miami. We meet regualrly and also participate in a number of car shows during the year. We also have a couple of drives/events during the year outside of the club meetings. It's a great group and the atmosphere is really laid back. Best of all.... it's free. There is no club membership fee.

This meeting we'll be discussing:

- Club Participation in the April 10th, Festival Flea Market Show. Details for the meet, cruise and show area will be given. If you'd like to come with us...just come to the meet and we'll have entries there for the show. If you plan on just going to see the show BE SURE TO VOTE FOR OUR MOPARS!
- Tail of the Dragon Cruise dates have been set. We will have details for those interested in joining us on a cruise up to Tenesee to run the Tail of the Dragon! We will giving some details on that including dates and times.
- Club Participation in the Kruisin Krome Car Show, May 1st. We will be discussing initial details regarding that show.
- SSP Poker Run details. We will be discussing the cruise to the florida Keys in June. Dates have been set and we will also have hotel options for this. The cruise is a single day event, but we have an option to extend it a day. We'll be discussing those details as well.
- April Track days. We'll finalize the days in April we plan to hit the track. The passed few weeks have seen between 6 and 8 cars make it to the track. We take video, share on-board cameras and then put together the videos of the passes from a few angles. We have a blast. I will be trying to get something special set-up for the club. If I can work it out, I'll have details at the meeting.

As always, I'll be posting this on at least 5 more dedicated Mopar forums. We should have a good Mopar turnout again! Make sure you're there!

The details:
Date: Thursday, April 7th, 2011
Time: 8:00 PM
Place: 7040 SW 44th Street, Miami, Florida 33155
Plan: Meet up at the shop (address above) at 8pm, then cruise on out around 9pm to Fuddruckers near International Mall (NW 107th Avenue and NW 19th Street) at about 9:00PM.
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