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I might be selling my exhaust soon, to get something a little louder for my taste. I purchased it on September 1st and have only put about 1.5k miles on it. Right now, I'm just gauging interest.. nothing set in stone yet.

This is the kit:
Corsa Performance Exhaust 14436 - Corsa Performance Exhaust Xtreme Exhaust Systems - Overview -

It fits 2009-2010 R/T automatic.

This is basically what it sounds like, but not quite as loud (not my video). Exhaust always sounds louder on videos because the mic isn't picking up much ambient noise and is focused right on it. If I do sell it (which would be this week or next week), I'll record my own video. It's fairly tame during daily driving, and zero drone, but sounds like a hot rod when you step on it.

Local pickup (I'm in Dallas) would be awesome if you happen to be nearby, not necessarily for the cost, but finding boxes big enough :laugh: .. but I doubt I'd get that lucky
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