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First off, I apologize. This has nothing to do with a Challenger..

My wife has a 2006 Charger R/T California Concepts edition.. I noticed last time I was in town (I'm stationed 400 miles away from her and our daughter), that the camber is all sorts of screwed up on the rear wheels. Instead of both wheels being 90* to the road, the tops of both lean inward, with the driver side sitting at about 85* and the passenger side at about 80*.. These are eyeball guestimates..

She blew a front tire (camber up front doesn't look perfect either, but it's far better than the rear..) so while the shop was replacing it, I brought up the camber and when they were done they said the custom suspension was not adjustable, that's just how it is. o_O

That doesn't sound right to me, I wouldn't think it would be possible to have a suspension with no adjustment capability, and if you can't adjust it, what's broken to cause it to not be even on both sides?

Has anyone had a similiar experience or have any advice? Thanks!
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